A few of my favorite things.

Top 10 mom products we couldn’t live without.  Dock a tot: https://dockatot.com Owelet: https://owletcare.com Cameras:  Mommaroo swing: https://shop.4moms.com/ Books: https://www.babylit.com Smilo bottles/sippy cups: https://www.smilobaby.com Hatch scale/noisemaker: https://shop.hatchbaby.com Nose Frida: https://www.fridababy.com Naturesutton pacifier : http://www.natursutten.com Ryan and Rose clips: https://www.ryanandrose.co So tonight I thought I’d give you momma friends who are either pregnant or have fresh…Read more »

Who am I?

Hi all! I am Sarah McKinney, mom of two gorgeous and amazing girls! I have been married to my sweet country boy for seven years now and we live in a small town called Christmas Fl. You may be wondering about the title of the blog. Hayden Renee is my oldest daughter, my first born,…Read more »